Our Plan & Stragety

Vote Climate 2020 is designed to be a powerful “edutainment” tool that tunes people into changing the world.

Our goal is to reach millions and get a million new climate voters voting.

As a GOTV alliance, we are combining the energy of many organizations and promoting their voter outreach efforts.

The global pandemic is disrupting traditional GOTV efforts. This fall there will be less knocking on doors. More innovation on messaging and delivery needed.

Our plan is a three-month 24-7 broadcast – on screens everywhere – of powerful factual and music videos to mobilize people to vote.

Today, people-powered Internet broadcasting reaches more people than corporate commercial media. The world is shifting from passively listening to politicians and pundits – to active citizenship – with climate striking students, women marching and citizens demanding systematic change.

Vote Climate 2020 is a channel to motivate voting for policies and leaders committed to urgent climate solutions. We support, and are supported by, a broad alliance of groups building the Vote Climate movement.

Everyone is familiar with 24-hour sports and news channels that continually broadcast in various environments such as living rooms, waiting rooms, kitchens, public lobbies, and dorm rooms etc. Using a similar format, Vote Climate 2020 is presenting entertaining and engaging content for climate education and action.

We actively include voices and content from multicultural and multigenerational groups and people.

We must elect leaders that legislate climate policy with the same scientific focus and urgency as pandemic policy. Vote Climate voters will vote in candidates that are committed to achieving local, state, national and global climate goals. Vote Climate voters will vote out politicians that are putting our world at risk.

The Vote Climate campaign is building a tidal wave of climate voters in 2020!