Vote Climate 2020 is a Get Out The Vote (GOTV) campaign and a global Internet broadcast of empowering facts and entertainment to promote voting for climate crisis solutions.

On Sunday July 26, 2020 a coalition of grassroots groups including - Peace Channel, Unity Foundation, Our Future Climate, Life On Earth Media, Sound Action and a growing alliance of climate activist organizations, are launching a new channel to create empowered and committed climate voters.

Vote Climate was started by Robert Manning, a 84-year-old blind retired firefighter and grandfather, to use the internet and powerful videos to tell the climate crisis story and mobilize people to vote. He has been joined by a crew of media and social change activist to Get Out The Vote in 2020.

Vote Climate is designed to be an "edutainment" vehicle that tunes people into changing the world. Today, people-powered Internet broadcasting reaches more people than corporate commercial media. The world is shifting from passively listening to politicians and pundits - to active citizenship - with climate striking students, women marching and global citizens "together at home" demanding systematic change.

Vote Climate is a channel to motivate voting for policies and leaders committed to urgent climate solutions. We combine inspiring music videos with short fact-based information segments to engage people's hearts and minds. We support, and are supported by, a broad alliance of groups building the Vote Climate movement.

Vote Climate is a two-way channel, delivering facts from an alliance of climate focused groups and promoting various GOTV efforts in the field. This is done by delivering streaming video that fits into people's media mix as background or foreground. Today, 24-hour sports and news channels continually broadcast in various environments. Using a similar format, Vote Climate will present 24-7 entertaining and engaging content for climate education and action. We actively include voices and content from multicultural and multigenerational groups and people.

We must elect leaders that legislate climate policy with the same scientific focus and urgency as pandemic policy. Vote Climate voters will vote in local, state, and national candidates that are committed to achieving local, state, national and global climate goals. Vote Climate voters will vote out politicians that are putting our world, our children's and our grandchildren's world at risk.

The Vote Climate campaign is building a tidal wave of climate voters in 2020!

Contact Vote Climate 2020: 415-243-8900

240 Golden Gate Avenue Suite 103, San Francisco, CA 94102